Uncle Sam
Gender Male
Species Patriotic Spirit
Family Major Glory (nephew)
Interests Now: Peace and tranquility
Formerly: Strictness and toughness
First Appearance Say Uncle Sam
Voiced By Tom Kenny (young and old)

Uncle Sam is the patriotic spirit of the United States of America and Major Glory's strict no-nonsense uncle who trained him to be the mighty hero he is today. However, due to health problems, he was advised by his doctor to mellow out and has since adopted the traits of a hippie.




A more serious Uncle Sam training a young Major Glory

When Major Glory was still "Minor Glory", Uncle Sam was a strict and no-nonsense man with a stern attitude similar to that of a military general.

Say Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam turns out to be more mellow than expected.


  • He is a parody of the iconic symbol of American Spirit, "Uncle Sam".
    • His appearance in Justice Friends might also suggest that he is a reference to the DC Comics version of Uncle Sam.

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