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Unfortunate Cookie

Unfortunate Cookie title card

Season Episode:
Original Airdate:
November 12,1997
Storyboard by:
Kevin Kaliher
Art Direction:
Craig McCracken
Directed By:
Robert Alvarez & Genndy Tartakovsky

Unfortunate Cookie

Unfortunate Cookie is the first half of the 18th episode of the second season of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired November 12, 1997. In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee get their index fingers stuck into a Chinese finger trap that was found in a box of fortune cookies.


Dexter and Dee Dee must travel to Chinatown to get their fingers unstuck from a Chinese finger puzzle, but this is made difficult with their constant bickering around.


  • The title card is a pun on the traditional "fortune cookie" received from Chinese restaurants.


  • Dexter getting his finger stuck with Dee Dee's finger is a reference to Angelica Pickles getting handcuffed to Chuckie from the Rugrats' episode, Cuffed.
  • This episode is similar to the Looney Tunes short, "D'Fightin'Ones" where Dexter getting his finger stuck with Dee Dee's finger is a reference to Sylvester the Cat is handcuffed to the Bulldog.

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