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You Vegetabelieve It!

You Vegetabelieve It!
Season: 2
Season Episode: 26c
Overall Episode: 39c
Original Airdate: February 11, 1998
Written by: Jason Butler Rote
Directed by: Rumen Petkov
Storyboard by: Bob Staake
Art Direction: Craig McCracken
Previous Episode: "A Boy and His Bug"
Next Episode: "Aye Aye Eyes"

You Vegetabelieve It! is the third part of an episode of the second season of Dexter's Laboratory. It aired as the twenty-sixth episode of season two, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. The first and second parts of the episode are Rushmore Rumble and A Boy and His Bug, respectively.
In this episode, Dexter gives Dee Dee a growth formula that causes plants to grow to an enormous size. However, Dee Dee uses up all of the growth formula in the backyard, causing all of the plants to come to life, literally. With her brother's help, Dee Dee destroys every living plant.

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